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Why should you use Wordery. Detailed product descriptions. Secure payment via PayPal. Proven customer service excellence. Competitive prices. ISBN: Copyright: Antonia Clare is a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer. Frances Eales is an experienced teacher and teacher trainer who has worked in numerous countries around the world including the UK, France, Hungary, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Russia. Steve Oakes is an experienced teacher and teacher trainer who has worked in numerous countries around the world including the UK, the US, Japan and South Africa, as well as various parts of Central Europe.

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I always get up early to go B: W ell the early show at W estwood starts at 7p. It's 7p.

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B Underline two names from the forum for each sentence. They're friends. A: You never talk in class. Joanne Patsy 2 They aren't friends.

Speakout Elementary Workbook with Key and Audio CD Pack

Beth Steve Steve B: N o. A: You're a quiet person. B: T hat 's right. I'm not talkative. A: But your English isn't bad. Karl B: No, that's true. A: In fact you never talk. Beth Conversation 5 Levente B: N o? Not great, but not bad. Cynthia B: Thanks. B Look at the underlined letters. Is the pronunciation the same 5 or different D?

My mother's [ather grandfather.

Speakout (1st Edition)

Conversation I mother , Julia. I George and his 2 Complete the sentences with fam ily words. Chris: Hello.

Speakout Elementary Workbook no Key with Audio CD Pack

Conversation 2 Chris: brother. Are these your children, Mariska? Ricky: 9 My mother's Hi! Mariska: And this is James, my Chris: Hello, everyone. Chris: Yes, I know.

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I'm a friend of Jane's. Conversation 3 Chris: Ellie, what's that little girl 's name? I forget. We're a big family. A lot of names to remember! II , Anya. I a new laptop My sister an MP3 player My brother an old computer families and draw lines to the correct information.

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There is one extra piece of information. I hasn't got a job. My parents a black car My family a four-room flat I I've got 3. S has got a good job. Use the e able. Are the sentences true T or false F? I Tom is Meg's brother. S your flat four rooms? S Jenny is David's mother. S Jenny's got three sons. Afe tOU oRe? Have you got one?

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B: No, I'm not, but I've got a pencil. A: Has it got black? B: No, it 's got red. A: Has it got a rubber? B: Yes, it is. A: Can I borrow it?

Conversation 2 A Have you got your camera with you? But my mobile phone's got a camera. It's very small and the pictures haven't got very good.

American Speakout, Elementary | Workbook

B Match meanings a -d with in Exercise SA. Can you take a photo of me? C Write about a friend's family. Write words. C: OK, smile! You're a nice smi le.